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Hi, I am Lori, the second owner of Adornments & Creative Clothing. My journey in retail began in November of 1993 when I passed by a shop in Waterville Valley, NH and was awestruck by the beautiful, sparkling displays. I loved it so much that I had to apply for a job! The 12 years I worked for Gloria and Suzette at Adornments, Inc. were life-changing!  A part of the Lakes Region since 1989, Adornments & Creative Clothing continues to be a woman-led, family-owned small business. 

Offering a vibrant selection of artistic clothing, unique jewelry & fabulous accessories, our sterling silver and gemstone stone jewelry is expertly crafted by some of the world's finest lapidary artists.  

When it comes to clothing, we select based on style, comfort, craftsmanship, and sustainability.