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RareESSENCE Organic Perfume

RareESSENCE Organic Perfume

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Roll On Essential Oil Perfume

There was a time when all perfume was made of only the purest essences of aromatic plants and exotic flowers.  With this organic essential oil perfume, RareEssence has revived the ancient art of natural perfumery that evokes emotion, sensuality and mystery.

~ Synthetic Fragrance Free ~ Phthalate Free ~ Petrochemical Free ~ Cruelty Free~ 8.9ml

Artisan Made in the USA in small batches. 


Azhara [ah-ZAH-rah] Key notes of Bergamot, Zdravetz & Grapefruit. A rare and magical fragrance. Distinctive and alluring, arousing the deepest of desires.

Divan [DIH-von] Key notes of Sandalwood, Myrrh & Frankincense. A smoky amber aroma. Sacred essences of ancient rituals inspire the divine.

Envie [awn-VEE] Key notes of Neroli, Patchouli & Tangerine. Seductive Patchouli and luscious Tangerine dance a romantic tango in this flirtatious perfume.

Joli [JOH-lee] Key notes of Jasmine, Lime & Juniper. Enchanting Jasmine Grandiflorum inspires both beauty and joy.

Roza [ROH-zah] Key notes of Rose, Ylang Ylang & Geranium. The pure essence of Rose opens the heart for deep love.

Shanti [SHAWN-tee] Key notes of Lavandin Enfleurage, Tuberose & Vetiver. Intoxicating Tuberose and soothing Lavender create a sublime state of dreamy contentment.


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