Stay Safe - Shop Local 

The safety of our staff and customers is of utmost importance to us and we recognize that we rely heavily on the support of our valued customers and our dedicated staff.

Adornments & Lady of the Lake will strictly follow the CDC's General Guidelines and the Retail Guidelines set by the State of New Hampshire.

Consumer Safety

Prior to each shift the store owner will document staff members temperatures and screen them regarding COVID-19 symptoms, exposure, and well being. Staff members who do not successfully pass this screening will be sent home immediately.

Staff members, as well as customers, are required to wear cloth face coverings at all times.

If you are feeling ill, it is best to stay home and consult with a physician.

In accordance with CDC and State guidelines you can expect:

* A designated entrance and a separate exit.

* A recommended traffic flow throughout the store.

* Hand Sanitizer conveniently located at both the entrance and exit.

* Markings to help us all remember to maintain a safe 6 foot distance from one another.

* A Limit on the number of people who can be in the store at once.

* New check out location with a "Tap And Go" credit card reader that accepts Apple Pay, Google Pay and Shop Pay. 

* Self bagging of purchases is an option so please request this if you require it. 

* Although we recommend the use of Credit Cards for payment, we will continue to accept Cash and Staff will have gloves and a tray for safe cash handling. 

* We would like to recommend elderly or medically vulnerable people shop early between the hours of 10 am and 11 am.

* Call 279-4349 to set up a private appointment between the hours of 9 am - 10 am.


The store has just undergone an intense cleaning and reorganization to promote a safe clean environment.

* Customers are asked to maintain face masks in place when trying on clothing and Dressing Rooms will be sprayed with disinfectant spray after each and every use.

* Surfaces will be cleaned with disinfectant cleaner every two hours. 

* Glass Surfaces will be cleaned with glass cleaner every two hours.

* The floors will be cleaned daily.

* At the end of each day, the store will be sprayed with disinfectant spray.